We are a grassroots group of citizens from all areas of the city brought together by a belief in the importance of accessible public transit for all Calgarians.

The organizing committee is:

Chair: Jennifer Burgess

Members at large: ​Dany Allard, Mare Donly,  other local team members

We are grateful that our city counsellors recognize the need for a rapid transit line from this underserved area of the city into the city centre, MRU, Rockyview General Hospital and other major destinations. We also respect the process of engaging communities by sharing the plans in public forums. Therefore, we were profoundly disappointed that there were organized groups disrupting these sessions and not allowing the information to be shared, resulting in Mayor Nenshi cancelling all future public forums on the BRT. We believe in the democratic process that allows for dissention, but when voices become too loud, disruptive and even threatening, it essentially shuts down everyone else’s right to be heard.

#iloveyyctransit's discussions are proactive and focussed on solutions. We are a forward-thinking team and prioritize democratic, respectful discourse. 


About Us

Who is #iloveyyctransit?

We believe in respectful discourse